Tuesday, November 29, 2011

4 Swords.

Pretty much how all sessions of Four Swords went for me.  XD

These were originally intended to be one single drawing, but I didn't have any scrap illo board that would accommodate all four Links.  So I had to pull the straggler off to a separate piece, which I guess made sense in the end.  I did these with acrylic inks and black ink.


  1. Brandon Dix just came in and showed me your stuff dood. i LOVE everything here. excellent personal works!

  2. Haha reminds me of playing 4 swords.

  3. Hey thanks Max. Tell Brandon what's up. Btw your blog has some gems on it, perhaps we'll cross paths one of these days.

    And thanks Kory, this was inspired by the times I'd play with you and Jordan haha.