Monday, April 5, 2010

Lunch sketch.

I may finish this one up one of these days. I gotta try some different things. This one came in at 45 min. Gotta get faster too.



  1. Cute and fun, man!. Is 45 minutes considered slow for something like this by people at work? I'm actually curious about how much needs/should be done per day, or how long it should take to get something done. Any thoughts? :o

  2. As a production artist speed is important (but not with sacrificing quailty if you can help it). For me 45 min is about right, it doesnt hurt to be faster. :) The time needed on a task depends entirely on a task. For something like this, a quick concept, 30-60 min should suffice.

    The main thing these quick exercises teach me is how to make decisions faster, stroke economy, and confidence among many other things.

    As far as how much needs to be done, again, it all depends on what you're doing. Any progress at all is better than no progress on a daily basis. So as long as you're moving forward, you're doing something right. As far as starting out, just keep jamming. The more mileage you put in the more experience you'll gain.

    I hope that answers your questions, thanks for commenting. :)