Saturday, June 9, 2012

Oil studies.

I did a couple oil studies from a couple films that I like.  These were about 45 mins a piece on 5x7 canvas board.  They took about a week to dry haha!

Bride of Frankenstein "The Monster" - 1935

Day of the Dead "Bub" - 1985


  1. I always wanted to get down on some oils!

  2. They look great chum! But I've heard Alex Ross say the same about oils. Haha. Will we be seeing more in the future?

  3. Hey Rich, thanks! Yeah I'll be doing more studies. I just finished my oil class and I need to keep the momentum going so I don't lose anything I learned.

  4. These are awesome man!! If you're diggin' those artsy black and whites, checkout Golem. It's wicked. =)