Wednesday, April 7, 2010

King Hippo WIP

I've been trying to consciously apply more of what I've been learning about composition and trying to show more action in my work. I realize that it's pretty simple but I gotta start somewhere. Anyway, here's my Punchout challenge I'm doing with Rich. I've been thumbnailing ideas at home so this a pretty decent start for me. I'll try to get it to a somewhat finished state by the end of the week.


  1. Dude! You know I'm already loving this. I really need to use that composition grid myself, cause I can really see it working on here. Great sense of motion too. I'm really stoked to see the end results. Though, personally, I wouldn't do the blood splatter suggestion you mentioned to me. Since this game never really emphasizes on that either, I would suggest something more cartoony, like the star pop up, birdies or maybe just a tooth and some sweat?

  2. Good call. Blood is so cool, but I'll refrain from using it in the spirit of the game. Thanks for the comments, crits, and ideas buddy.