Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Haitian Relief show a hit!

I'm about two weeks behind on this post but...

Pirate Bubblegum sure knows how to put a show together. There was a great turn out and most of the people that went there had a lot of good things to say. PLUS a roach coach rolled up on the show. Bacon-wrapped hotdog? Yes please!

I had a great time myself. XD

These are some of the portraits I did for the show. I had a great time doing them and learned a lot. I didnt hit the likenesses as solid as I'd have liked to but I'll get there. :)

Here were the subjects all of which are famous Haitian American celebrities.

Wyclef Jean
Daphne Duplaix
Melky Sedek
Garcelle Beauvais
Jimmy Jean-Louis
Pierre Garcon
Jean Michel Basquait
Jonathan Vilma
Melky Sedek