Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pook and some oldies.

Nothing too new now, once I get a little time I'll scan in a few new sketches lying around. Just wanted to get some more stuff on my blog because blogging is so fun. =P

This is a character I started working on I dubbed "Pook." He's an alchemist of sorts. I'm still trying to work some things out with him design wise and of course I still need to finish the painting. I'm hoping to take this and do a sculpt of him in Zbrush. I haven't done any 3d sculpting in a long time and I felt it's been a long time coming. Since he's a work in progress I'm hoping for a little feedback from anyone who wants to throw in their two cents. Rip me a new one. :)



These are some older paintings I finished not too long ago. I'm hoping to do a small series of these strippers. This one was inspired by a photo I saw of my lady (who's a costume designer) trying on a feathery fro she just made for a show she was working on. I did these on little fun sized canvases and I used acrylics. They made for a super fun and challenging learning experience. :)

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